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Campaign Finance Reform

Here is an easy way to reduce the corrupting influence of powerful special interests on a National and Statewide scale: Don’t allow candidates running for public office to accept help for their election campaigns from sources that are based outside of their voting districts. This could even help keep party bosses in check.


Unions Hate Secret Ballot

The proposed Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) that Congress is considering is flawed. The so called ‘card check’ legislation would give unions the right to organize an employer’s labor force if a simple majority of employees sign a union drive card.

What is wrong with that? It prevents the employer form then demanding that the employees vote on the matter by secret ballot. Unions are often frustrated by the results of those kinds of votes.

Strangely, it is not unusual for unions to get the majority of employees to sign union drive cards in front of their co-workers only to lose the vote by secret ballot. One explanation for this strange problem for unions is that some people feel intimidated.

They sign union drive cards because they are afraid of union supporters. Don’t think this intimidation is exaggerated. Imagine how you will vote for politicians if your employer and landlord could know how you vote. If you don’t vote for their man, then you risk reprisals.

It is not difficult to imagine how intimidating an employee bold enough to openly support a union must seem to a shy and content employee.

The secret ballot is an important safeguard for democracy. It discourages thuggery and bribery. People can vote for their real choice. The proposed Employee Free Choice Act is a bad joke.