The Purpose

This blog is supposed to identify what functions are wrong with our government and find realistic solutions for solving them.  Your relevant comments are welcome.

At the top of this blog are links to summaries of fundamental problems with realistic solutions for quick reference and additional comments.  These links may change as fundamental reforms are proposed or joined together in response to your comments.

Federal, State, and local government issues are relevant here.  Try to keep the State and local issues generic.  The issues you raise may range from problems with policy to constitutional flaws.

Offer a solution, if you can think of one, with your comments.  If you are commenting on a previous comment, then identify it.

If you have suggestions for how this blog should be managed, then please post them here.


5 responses to “The Purpose

  1. I love your site! 🙂

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  2. John Buescher

    Cool Bryant!
    I would suggest that your next topic would include “how to live in a 3rd world country’ as I had made those comments some years ago when employment was shipped over seas at an alarming rate and now it looks like fear may be taking over. Our government is scrambling to quell our fears of economic downturn with the hope that China and other emerging countries continue to buy our debt. Sooner or later other countries will find our monetary system unappetizing and cause a downturn that will make this one a walk in the park.

    signing out gloom and doom

  3. Good point John.
    But the good news is that if we can figure out a way to correct our direction, then that won’t need to become the truth.

  4. John Buescher

    create global regulation and responsibility. There is not a conceivable way we can compete as a nation without a balanced system.

  5. The Republican power base seems to think that American business leaders would have been that source of world regulatory power. If only those softy liberals let the Bush Administration concentrate enough to get it all set up in time…(sarcasm).

    Seriously, what we need is a properly preserved free market. See But communities should require that imported goods be produced under similar environmental social standards that they impose on their own producers.

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