New Democratic Congress

A bumper sticker I have seen said “Politicians, like underwear, need to be changed for the same reason”. The Republicans in Congress demonstrated the merit of that statement despite their “Contract with America”. Now they are being replaced with clean politicians… hopefully! So before this new Congress also becomes corrupted by the temptations of power we need to insist that they make some changes that protect the rest of us from their corruption.

An easy way for Congress to begin is by outlawing the use of Presidential signing statements to justify ignoring some laws. There cannot be proper respect for the Laws of Congress if executives don’t have to obey them even after agreeing to sign them.

Congress also needs to replace the so called “Patriot Act” with a good set of laws. As it is, that law gives government agents the right to snoop into our private lives to see if we measure up to their definition of being patriotic. That law is dangerous!

Congress should create it own agency that observes and reports to Congress inappropriate activities of the other branches of government. That means, for example, that the President would not be able to use secret government agencies to sneak around the laws of Congress or the Constitution!

And perhaps an example should be made of a President who may have done more harm to American liberty than Osama Bin Laden. Impeaching President Bush even after he leaves office may help to deter future leaders from taking advantage of a catastrophe’s chaos to loot American rights and taxes for the benefit of their biggest campaign contributors!


3 responses to “New Democratic Congress

  1. The Contract with America was sometime ago and accomplished just what it was meant to. The Contract is why the economy took off as it did, the state of the economy at that time had very little to do with Bill Clinton.

    During the Bush years Republicans began acting like Dem’s and spending OUR money like drunken sailors. Now the Dem’s want to spend even more.

    So far as your remark of replacing them with “clean politicians”, that is supposedly what happened with the Senate and we all have seen how that has worked out.

    The worst approval rating ever and the most non-effective ever.

    If you ask me with only a few individual exceptions both sides of the isle suck and need to run out of town on a pole.

  2. Could you impeach someone after he or she has left office? I suppose it’s not completely unthinkable; penalties for impeachment are limited to removal from office and disbarment from ever holding any future office, the second of which could still be applied to someone who has left office.

    But Bush is clearly never going to hold any office again, so folks would have to decide if the hassle and divisiveness would be worth the statement it’d make. I don’t know that it would be–for impeachment. If there are other crimes to be prosecuted via the normal channels, that’s another story.

    Also, the Contract With America that sort of nationalized the ’94 congressional races could be a good model for parties to use in the future. If they win, they have a clear mandate to do such-and-such. They’d also have less wiggle room to not do what they promised.

  3. Good points. Thanks for making them.

    Hopefully unhappy bureaucrats copied the information they have been ordered to shred. Then maybe these crooks will get hit where it hurts.

    And when this election is over, the Democrats will show that there voting for them is as much of a waste as voting for a third party. So there would be nothing to lose by registering with a third party after this election. And then only vote for third party candidates. That should bring some real change.

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